Participation in the campaign will become effective upon the approval of the local sales representative Hankook Tire & Technologies

1. Beneficiary:

End-user or Fleet, who bought Hankook brand tires from a LOCAL PREMIUM


2. Validity period:

HANKOOK DAMAGE GUARANTEE, offered by Hankook Tire is valid for 1 year from the date of invoice (proof: invoice).

Tire registration must be done before the accident.

Guarantee declaration must be made after the date of accident.

3. Product concerned:

Check your Country Rules on the website. Products and Campaign can be differentiated by related country specifications.

4. Purpose of the Damage Guarantee

The guarantee covers accidental damage to the tire resulting unsuitable for driving and rendering the tire unusable

such as: puncture and cuts

5. Exclusions

HANKOOK DAMAGE GUARANTEE does not cover the following cases:

- The costs of fitting and unfitting, balancing, of guaranteed tire, or the replacement tire.

- Damage caused to the guaranteed tire by fire, hydrocarbons.

- Damage resulting from improper fitting or improper or abusive use of the guaranteed tire.

- Damage such as noise, vibrations, wear, handling, and handling problems.

- Theft or attempted theft of the guaranteed tire.

- Damages or financial losses suffered by the insured during or following damage to the insured tire.

- Quotation and replacement costs incurred by the insured without prior agreement from Hankook or any company in charge of this service on behalf of Hankook

- Tires showing, on the day of the damage, a state of wear resulting from use that does not comply with the standards for use (load capacity, speed).

- Tires whose wear exceeds the standards set by each countries Highway Code, (i.e.: 1,6mm)

- Damage caused to the vehicle as well as damage caused to others.

- Damage resulting from a phenomenon of natural disasters

- The tires being involved in a road accident.

- Tires that have been subjected to an act of vandalism.

- Engraved Serial number, DOT number or Barcode number

6. Beneficiary compensation

After examination and validation of Guarantee request by Hankook (provided that it meets the aforementioned conditions in paragraphs 4 and 5), a payment will then be issued to the beneficiary customer (end user) within 8 at 10 weeks.

This financial compensation will be calculated based on the purchase price of the end user, depending on the invoice uploaded on the website on the day of purchase.

Hankook reserves the right to examine the tire within one month of receiving the information.

7. Payment rules guarantee

After Technical audit, if tire is not repairable technicaly, the value of the indemnified amount will be calculated from the purchase invoice value excluding tax and fitting cost of tire

8. If tire damaged in:




01 to 30 days


Invoice uploaded for DG

31 to 120 days


Invoice uploaded for DG

121 to 180 days


Invoice uploaded for DG

181 to270 days


Invoice uploaded for DG

271 to 365 days


Invoice uploaded for DG

9. Cancellation of the tire Guarantee 365

The Guarantee ends:

- At the end of the warranty period as defined in Paragraph 2.

- In the event of the disappearance or destruction of the tire.

- in case of tire can not defined by Serial number or barcode or DOT number.

10. Justification

-The beneficiary must have uploaded to HANKOOK DOMMAGE GUARANTEE www.hankook365.com webpage his purchase invoice from Local Hankook Dealer and also the invoice should contain tire specification (Tire size, Pattern, LI/SS) including DOT number, Serial number, Barcode number.

-An incomplete guarantee request cannot give rise to compensation

-Engraved Serial number, DOT number or Barcode number cannot give rise to compensation.